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Wellness Weekend

A Healthy Kick Start to Your Year

Wellness Weekend

making healthy choices has never been so easy!

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Date: 18 Jan, 2020 10:00AM
Duration: 26 hours
Cost: Free

Meet and be inspired by our food & drink heroes including…

Willy’s ACV, Kombucha 365, Eaten Alive, Mezzesoul, Kineta Matcha, Cocofina, Butterbike, Seaspoon, Nutcessity


Good Gut Health...

Learn about the benefits of kombucha with nutritionist, Tamara Bennett

Healthy Specials...

Enjoy delicious healthy specials in our Restaurant & Deli

Pick up top tips, tricks & recipe ideas

Mind & Body...

Discover luxurious natural fragrances and skincare for the mind and body


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